Heather Doran





Hi, I’m Heather!

Accountant, money-mind mentor, and money healer!

What’s the Story…

I started my accounting career when I was just 22 and still in college.  Like many of you, I spent numerous days searching through job boards, painting a pretty picture in my head of the day I would land my dream job and become an extraordinary accountant. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Fast forward 15 years, I climbed my way up the corporate ladder and finally landed that “fancy” accounting job I dreamed of all those years ago.  Life didn’t seem like it could get any better than that.

And just when you get comfortable…life changes.  It becomes different.  I am different.  And now, having that big dreamy corporate accounting job day in and day out no longer filled the void.  Sound familiar? 

Like many of you, I desperately wanted FREEDOM.  

  • TIME Freedom – no more endless, pointless meetings!
  • SPACE Freedom – you know, out of the tiny cubicle in a stuffy office with no windows!
  • CREATIVE Freedom – be myself and connect with others like me!
  • MONEY Freedom – where I can make as much as 

Take back your freedom and learn how to make more money and keep more of your money!

All the fancy (and not so fancy) training, programs, and coaching:

Bachelor's Degree in Business & Accounting

Learned all the fancy finance stuff (Forever! $40K)

Master’s Degree in Education

Learned how to teach in away that supports your learning style to get the greatest impact (2 – years $20K)

Business Development & Coaching with Mariana Ruiz

Impact Driven Entrepreneur to Build your business like a business (1 – year $10K)

Business Made Simple Course with Emily Aarons

Bring Intuition into Business so you manifest your soulmate clients ($1K)

Becoming Magikal Academy with Sara Drury

Master Manifesting Program – using hypnotherapy & NLP to change your subconscious programming (12 – week $2K)

Private Coaching with Liz Lockwood

Get out of my own damn way and build a business I love (1 – year $10k)

Uplevel Group & Mastermind Coaching with Melissa Froehlich

Strategy and support to up-level my business, mindset and services (1 – year $6K)

Ascension Alchemy Method (TM) Akashic Records Training & Certification with Tracy Gaudet

Use Akashic Records to access money block and money stories (12 – weeks $1K)

Mind Magic with Tracy Litt

Mindset mastery for life and business (1 – year $3K)

Worthy Human Live Event with Tracy Litt

May 2021 $5k

R.I.C.H Method Coaching Certification with Page Cole

August 2021 – Coaching Certification, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Time Technique $6k

Several strategy sessions with healers and coaches ($5K+)

Started and stopped various businesses

Fun fact: this is the only business I love and I am making a profit (10 years +)

Finance Manager, Assistant Controller, Senior Accountant, Payroll Manager

All the things in between (20 years +) 

Coach for Aligned & Activated Mastermind with Emily Aarons (2 - years +)

Virtual CFO for entrepreneurs & small business owners (5 - years)

What is my biggest lesson …


To say that I have done all this unperfect is a major understatement.

I have wanted to quit more times then I can count.

I have had major imposter syndrome, put off so many projects I can’t even count, worried I would lose my marriage, paid people to help that never actually did … been so stuck and in my own damn way I couldn’t even see straight! 

When I say, “I understand…” I really do!

I still run my business messy everyday. Some days look better then other. But I STOPPED quitting! 

I have learned that I am here to help women (just like you) change their relationship with money and how they feel about themselves… so they can finally fucking love their life (maybe for the first time ever).

You came to this life to make a difference. Not to stay stuck in the same job you hate everyday.

You are here to do what you love and what feels easy and in-flow with your life and passion.

This is the journey we are all here to have. I am uber passionate about helping you achieve your dreams and get out of your own damn way. 

What is Different?

I have spent several years helping business owners change their relationship with money and get out of their own damn way to create a business they love.

I take a no-nonsense approach to helping you gain clarity, get unstuck, and start making more money doing what you have been put on this planet to do – Here, Now!

I’ve worked with hundreds of female business owners, many of them, just like you, stuck in overwhelm and over thinking. 

I want to help you take the overwhelm out of your business and money, so that you can start living your dream life. 

I am known for helping individuals heal their relationship from the inside-out using a no-BS structure. I won’t sugarcoat the truth. But I will love you through the healing work.

I will help you access the passion you already have inside of you to grow the business of your dreams!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!