Confident Financial Owner (CFO) Bootcamp

12 week Group Program

to help grow your business profit through a custom three-prong approach integrating MINDSET, sYSTEMS + STRATEGY.


Clear away the blocks that are holding you back from busting into your next income ceiling. 


Keep more money with a system that supports your business needs with ease.


Step out of indecision, overspending, and the constant worry over money. Create a plan for consistent recurring revenue.

Does This Sound Familiar?


You're an entrepreneur that feels like you make “good” money in your business, but can’t seem to get ahead of the next financial curve.


You have big launches, but when all said and done, you barely have enough money left over to pay yourself.


You are running your business in the red, month after month, with no end in sight.


You receive a large tax bill every year and hustle to get the money to pay it.

Are you ready to change your perspective on money?

If you are a successful entrepreneur, but can’t seem to figure out this “financial thing” in your business (or life), you’ve come to the right place!  I help business owners, just like you, make more money and keep more money using mindset, strategy and systems.  

Click the button below to join my 12-week Group Program and learn how to:

Feel more abundant and stop the constant worry over money!

Get back the time you are spending buried in receipts, reports and make-shift data!

Stop hustling to pay one bill to the next!

Unlock your natural abundance to become financially free and wealthy, so you can grow your business faster and easier.

Course Overview:

The program will held over a 12 - week period, starting Monday, August 10th, with live office hours & co-working session each week.

The program will consist of various virtual weekly lessons and coaching sessions via Zoom to help tackle your resistance to making making and growing your income. Office hours are used to create a dedicated work space for your finances.

Each lesson is strategically designed with you in mind, so that at the end, you'll be able to take appropriate actions in your business with confidence!

Receive clear step-by-step instructions from a Professional Accountant + Financial Coach on the important steps to take for your life and business.

You will develop a strategy based on the goals and vision you have for your business.

Be a part of an exclusive community group to share your thoughts + progress, receive support and collaborate with like-minded business owners.


  • Learn the key factors that holding you back from making the money you desire.
  • Break your old spending patterns that are keeping you stuck in your current income bracket.
  • Bust through the income ceiling of your dreams.
  • Develop healthy spending habits, providing ease and confidence for every investment.
  • Get back your precious time for the things you love, while growing your business.


  • Recognize your business needs to setup your bookkeeping system with ease.
  • Receive professional financial coaching specifically tailored to your business.
  • Receive simple, guided instructions for tracking your profits.
  • Spend less time sorting receipts and codes charges, by incorporating a properly functional bookkeeping system.
  • Design Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for yourself and your team.
  • Design and implement a tax savings plan and stop waiting for the dreaded IRS bill in the mail!


  • Use your data to drive the next set of decisions in your business, so that each dollar is making the greatest impact.
  • Determine your net profit percentage for programs and products.
  • Create a budget to fit your business needs.
  • Stop unhealthy spending habits, such as impulse buying.  Learn the difference between an expense vs. an investment for your business.
  • Be prepared for tax time, every time – without anxiety and overwhelm!
What if I can't make the weekly lesson?
Each week the lesson will be recorded. You have will have access to the replay throughout the whole program. You have the can to ask questions in the private group any time and I will address your question live on the next live call. You will never miss out on getting the support you need.
What will we talk about on the weekly lessons?
Lessons will start with mindset work around your resistance to money, growing your income, setting up your systems, and more.

Each week you will take action steps towards setting up your accounting systems, learn how to use them specifically for your business and how to use that information to drive the income forward in your business.

I'm not that good with tech. What kind of support will I get setting up my QuickBooks?
You are a resourceful small business owner. You have set up a website, created social media graphics and designed Facebook/Instagram stories on a daily/weekly basis. If you can use programs like, google docs, excel/sheets, canva, wordpress/squarespace, facebook, or instagram – you can use the software needed to set up your financial systems. I will teach you exactly how to use it for your business. No extra fluff or things you don’t need for your business (like a traditional course).

In addition, the lessons are created so that you can do the steps with me live, during our lesson time. If you get stuck, you can show me your screen and I will walk you through what you need to do. You get live support each week with any issues you are having (including tech, mindset, etc). 

Is the subscription for QuickBooks Online included in this program?
No, the subscription for QuickBooks Online is not included in the cost of the program. I will teach you how to set up an account with QBO, so that your debt/credit card is charged each month.

I will teach you how to setup and use “Simple Start” and “Essentials” QuickBooks Online Services. The services range from $25-$50 per month.

I teach you how to optimize the program so that you spend less time on your bookkeeping each month and understand how to use the program with ease. The time you save will out weigh the investment 10x or more.

Will you do my bookkeeping for me?
This program does not offer bookkeeping level support. However, the Team Support package does offer set up and bookkeeping support done by our team. If you do not have a bookkeeper or anyone to implement your systems, you can hire our team to do this for you.

 Meet The Instructor

For those that don’t already know me, I’m Heather! I am a Intuitive Business Finance Coach for Online Entrepreneurs.

Not only do I help you figure out this whole “financial thing”, I also help you change how you feel about money in the process, so you can lead with confidence and feel abundant with every financial decision you make.

Believe it or not, my accounting career did not start out having it all figured out. I was a teen mom and I needed something that could pay the bills.  And so I went ahead and checked the box on the college application for the Accounting Degree.

As fate would have it, I was pretty good at accounting and finance. I climbed the corporate latter pretty quickly.  But after receiving a job and two promotions as an Assistant Controller, I looked at my life and said, “is this it?!” 

I worked 45-55 hours a week, had a “fancy office”, great corporate title.  But, I was dying inside.  I felt empty, majorly unfulfilled and burnt out.  Like many of you, I wanted freedom!

  • TIME Freedom – No more endless, pointless meetings!
  • SPACE Freedom – You know, out of the stuffy office with no windows.
  • CREATIVE Freedom – Be and connect with others like you!
  • MONEY Freedom – where I can make as much as I want – no glass ceilings!

I will work with you to develop a solid foundation for your whole financial system – your tools, your knowledge and your beliefs; leaving you with the keys to wealth and happiness for the long haul of your life and business.

Instructor Credentials:

Bachelor's Degree in Business & Accounting

Siena Heights University

Master’s Degree in Education

Grand Canyon University

Certified in Akashic Records (Ascension Alchemy Method TM)

Tracy Gaudet Practical Ascension Certification Trainer

Is this Course the right fit for me?

This course is for you if:

– You’re ready to change your relationship with your money for good. 

– You want to set up the system* needed to manage your finances month-to-month. (*We will be setting up QuickBooks Online for Small Business.)

– You’re ready to learn more about money mindset and use tools such as journals, meditation, cognitive behavior modules, hypnosis, as well as accessing the Akashic Records (We will be using a variety of “woo”-related tools to identify your money blocks and move past them to create more impact and income for your business.)

– You’re ready to do the necessary work* to change your relationship with money, set up your systems, and create a strategy for your business’s success. (*Each weekly lesson will run for approximately 60-90 minutes. You’ll want to dedicate an additional 60 minutes for implementation or weekly homework. Co-working sessions will be held to keep you accountable and on track.)


Or perhaps maybe not if:

Quickbooks Online (QBO) is not your kinda jam.  While we will be doing many other things related to money mindset and finance strategy, this course is specifically designed to use “QBO for Small Business” (not the Self-Employed version) to reference necessary reports, bookkeeping and data used to guide your business decisions forward.  However, if this software is not something you’re ready to set up and work with, then this course may not be the right fit for you

– You’re not open to looking at the mindset and sub-conscious side of your money and money stories, this course is not for you. We will be implementing tools such as meditation, journals, accessing your Akashic Records, self-hypnosis and other “woo” related toolsIf this is not your thing, you should carefully reconsider about signing up.

– You would rather hire an accountant, a bookkeeper or other financial professional to handle, strategize and support the finances for your business, then this program is not for you.


Everyone should try Akashik Records Reading

“I was able to get information and simple tools to help me move forward right after my session. Diving into the Akashic records for me was exactly what I needed. It was easy to understand all the information coming through. Everyone’s should try this type of reading!”

– Sherry B.