Welcome to PART TWO

In Part I, I asked you to think about your goals and give evidence to them so create the belief needed to achieve them.

Part II, we are going to talk about the framework that is needed to support this process.


*Print this page, or use your journal to reflect on the following points*

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Financial System to Grow Your Income!


Systems I know is sounds like a super scary & intimidating word. But take out the word, and think about the meaning of a system. What does a system do? How does it work? 

A system helps you create a process to give you the steps to achieve your goals. Think of a machine. If the machine is not given a set of steps on how to operate, it won’t run. 

Creating a system in your business is the same. 

What you need to do is create a system for your finances. This allows you to create processes that will allow the machine of your business to work and run effectively and efficiently.

I help you set up a system that keeps you and your business in mind. The Non-techy you!


Strategy   Now that you have developed the systems needed to support your finances for your business, you need to know what to do with all the data it spits out. 

Again, think of the machine. When your machine is working, it is generating a product. Now you need to know what to do with that product. 

This is where the strategy comes in. You use the machine (the system’s data) to make business decisions, invest in new products and services, etc. You can’t have the strategy, without the data.


Mindset – somewhere in building and designing your business (or just life in general) you have developed beliefs about what works, what doesn’t work, and how you will decide to move (or not move) forward. 

Just like we talked about on Part I, your brain needs the past data to develop and create a belief around how it will make its next set of decisions. 

At many points of your life and business your mind has developed opinions, reasons, and feelings about how you will continue to operate. Some of these happened without you even knowing it. 

 Think about your overall beliefs about money.

What does money mean to you?

Does it mean safety and security?

Does it mean survival?

Do you think money is hard to come by?

Do you think you have to work really hard to make a lot of money? 

 These are all beliefs we have that drive our decisions in business. 

Many times we want to only look at strategy of our finances. But if you have a belief that money is hard to make, you unconscious brain will tell you things to keep you stuck in that pattern of thinking (remember your brain looks at the past to give you data for new decisions). This is why looking at your beliefs (or called mindset) around money it key to the success in your business. 


Today’s activity: 

 *Print this page or take out your journal*

 Think about the goals you set in Part I… 

  • What is a strategy you can put into place to help you achieve this goal?
  • Is there a belief that could hold you back from fully stepping behind this strategy?



1. Set aside some time today to answer these questions – print this email or get out your journal and write them out.

2. Set your calendar reminder – Live training Today (February 20th) at 2:00 PM EST

3. Invite an entrepreneur friend you think would find value from these lessons

4. Join the group and tell your take-a-ways from today’s lesson and interact with other biz owners just like you

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