-Welcome to PART ONE

Today we are going to look at the goals in your business.

Not just the hum-dum way of looking at your goals, but the strategic way of looking at your goals.

*Print this page, or use your journal to reflect on the following points*

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First, I want you to look at…

– Why you have created your business?

– What is fueling your desire for your business?

Next…look at what you want to achieve in your business this year.

– Amount of income

– Number of customers/sales

– How many people will you impact

– Number of following you would like to grow

Third… ask yourself these questions:

– What information do you have to support this?

– How much money you made last year?

– How many customers joined your program/number of sales you had?

– Can you measure the impact you made?

– How did your following grow this year?

I know this might sound like a lot, but stick with me. I want you to use these numbers to support the goals and growth you want to see this year.

It’s one thing to just have a dream. But your goal has to be something you can achieve to some degree.

As humans we use past evidence to make our next set of decisions and choices. We decide how we will act and feel based on those past actions.

Setting goals in your business is like this. Your brain wants to believe you can achieve these goals. In order to do this we have to give it evidence that helps to support the growth, or we will never be able to help our brains believe it.

You have to believe in your success! You have to believe you can make this goal possible.

By looking back and forward, you can create goals that are achievable and Grow Your Income!


– Set aside some time today to answer these questions

– print this page or get out your journal and answer the above questions (or download the workbook – Click here —>> Get the workbook)

– Set your calendar reminder

– Live training Today at 2:00 PM EST (February 18th)

– Invite an entrepreneur friend you think would find value from these lessons

– Join the group and tell us your goals for this year and interact with other biz owners just like you

See you in the group!