Welcome to PART THREE

Let’s do a quick review… Part ONE, I asked you to look at your goals and beliefs in a new way that will support growing your income this year. Part TWO, we looked at your goals a bit deeper. You developed a strategy that will support your goal AND looked at an underlying belief that could hold you back. *click back if you missed these lessons* Part three lesson we will look at your overall financial system you have and see how you can design it to help grow your income.   
Lets look at what you have now for your financial system. *Print this page or use a journal to reflect on the following points* Download the fancy workbook my social media manager created JUST for this course! Click here —>> Get the workbook Ask yourself these questions: -What are you using to track your sales and spending? -What processes have you developed for saving for taxes? -Are you paying yourself enough? -What plans do you have to grow your business this year – investments you will make  & how you will pay for them? -What beliefs to you have around your  ability to make money that is hurting your growth? -What blocks exist that hold you back from explaining into your next level of income? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself when developing your goals for creating more sales and income this year. If you are struggling to answer these questions, the program I developed Bookkeeping Like A Boss! is just for you. I designed it to help you develop your winning financial system so you can grow your income! See the link here: https://heatherdoran.biz/program/ to learn more. To-Dos: 1. Set aside some time today to answer these questions – print this email or get out your journal and write them out. 2. Set your calendar reminder – Live training Today (February 24th) at 2:00 PM EST 3. Invite an entrepreneur friend you think would find value from these lessons 4. Join the group and tell your take-a-ways from today’s lesson and interact with other biz owners just like you