I wanted to spend a few minutes introducing myself and tell you what you can expect the new few days.


First … I am so excited you found me and found this training! It is going to be so valuable to you and your business. It totally believe in YOU and I totally believe in the work we will do together this week will make an impact!


For those of you that is just meeting me, I’m a Business Finance Coach and Consultant who is passionate in helping Entrepreneurs change their relationship with money!


I am on a mission to break the stereotype and social conditioning around money
and finance, and help Entrepreneurs develop a solid foundation that helps you
make more money, and keep more money for your business!



When I started my business three years ago, I was a mess with how I felt about
money. I thought money was the key to my happiness! I thought that having
more money would support my idea of being “Happy.”


Then I realized that my thoughts about money and how I looked at it were
holding me back to really stepping into my true potential.


So I did the next big thing: I fixed my relationship with money.


Now, I have been able to stop constantly worrying about money! My husband
and I have doubled our income in the last two years!


I now know what it takes to stop worrying about money constantly so you can
grow your income and I can’t wait to help you do the same!


Next Steps …


For each Training Day, we will have a video Livestream in our Facebook group and you’ll be using this workbook along with the daily journal prompts here as a guide for you to boost the value you’ll get from this training.


So here’s what to do next:


– Set aside some time today to answer these questions


– Print this page (or the workbook pages) or get out your journal and answer the daily  questions that will get you ready to think AND take action


Set your calendar reminder


Live trainings will be: 


Tuesday, February 18th @ 2PM EST


Thursday, February 20th @ 2PM EST


Tuesday, February 25th @ 2PM EST


Thursday, February 27th @ 2PM EST


– Invite an entrepreneur friend you think would find value from these lessons


– Join the group and tell us your goals for this year and interact with other biz owners just like you


See you in the group!